Indicative Terms

Are you looking to get an indication on pricing prior to full application? Indicative Terms are subject to any conditions precedent

With our Indicative Terms Forms, you can get an understanding of how much you may be able to borrow and at what terms. Indicative Terms may also be known as a ‘Mortgage in Principle’, a ‘Decision in Principle’ or a ‘Mortgage Promise’.

Indicative terms can be used for a Mortgage with an estate agent or those selling a property to show that you may be in a financial position to purchase it. For Asset Finance, Business Loans, Development Finance and Invoice Finance it provides an indication of the finance terms that we may broker for you.
Please note that Indicative Terms are subject to any conditions precedent and are not a guarantee that a lender will lend to you

Why Request Indicative Terms

  • Quick and easy to complete taking just a few minutes!
  • Receive an indication of terms prior to submitting a full application!
  • Receive your indicative offer generally within 1 working day!
  •  Indicative terms are subject to any conditions precedent!

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