Farm Bridging Finance

With rates from just 4.5% per annum

Agricultural Bridging Finance from Finance for Agriculture

Farm Bridging Finance

If you have a need for short-term farm bridging finance and need funds quickly, a bridging loan can provide funding for any legitimate purpose over loan terms ranging from just 1 day to 24 months.

Securing agricultural and farm bridging finance is a straightforward process and can be secured against agricultural land and buildings, residential and commercial property, property development sites and assets. In some cases, we’re able to use other assets as security for the loan such as Luxury Cars, Artwork and Jewellery.

Bridging Finance is typically used for:

  • Buying land
  • Buying a new farm
  • Buying property at ‘Below Market Value’
  • Moving farm before your current farm is sold
  • Property development projects
  • Raising cash to pay a Personal or Business Tax bill
  • Buying a farm at auction and needing funds quickly to complete on the purchase
  • Raising cash to purchase equipment or livestock or perhaps to buy out a Business Partner​
  • ​Buying property that is deemed ‘Unmortgageable’ by a lender

​We’re often able to get an immediate decision from a Lender and have the bridging loan offer issued the same day with funds drawn down within a matter of days!

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